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We sale best quality recycled plastic scraps like LDPE Scrap,PP Scrap,EVA scrap,HDPE Scrap,PS Scrap,ABS scrap and others and we are looking for serious buyers that are in need of any type of plastic scraps contact with us for more details.
Brand Name: HDPE Drums Scrap
Model Number: PL7290
Color: Blue
Characteristic: 100% Clean
We also have the following products.

– HDPE Clear/Natural Regrind (clean and washed).
– HDPE Clear/Natural Scrap Baled.
– HDPE White Regrind/Baled (clean and washed).
– HDPE Milk Bottle Regrind.
– LDPE Film Baled 100, 98/2 and 95/2.
– LDPE Clear/Natural Regrind.
– LDPE White Regrind.


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The best product for use and reuse is HDPE blue drum scrap, specially made from high-quality plastic material. Those materials can remain stable in severe atmospheric conditions like hot or cold seasons without any damage.

These are easily available in blue color. These HDPE blue drum scraps provide you with wide storage space. More customers demand it because of its high quality and wide size. Besides this, these also can stay in their original shape at hot or cold temperatures.

If you are looking for the best drum scrap at reasonable rates and of high quality, these blue drum scraps are one the excellent options for you. You can easily use them according to your desire.

One of the great advantages that you can get from the blue drum scrap is that they provide the facility of recycling; you can also recycle these drums for many purposes and save your extra charges.

If you are looking for such blue drums for your personal use, then without wasting more time, contact us to get more details about your desired product, and once you get complete satisfaction with the product. Don’t delay in placing your order.

We are always here for you to guide you about the product and provide you with high-quality products whenever you want to buy our product.


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