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We are exporters of Copy Papers and waste paper and the paper scraps offered by us are completely environment friendly and majorly used in recyclable industries. We supply OCC waste paper, 100% cardboard, in Bales Post-industrial collected from private companies.


Bales & Scrap paper with high quality
1. Product Type: Waste Paper
3. Packing: BALE (1.2-1.4 TONS/ BALE)
4. Feature: Mixed & NOT MIXED
5. Quantity: 1000 Tons per Month


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What are old newspapers?

Old newspapers are also used for the decoration of different products. You can also use it to decorate your home products like you can wrap other products into old newspapers. By doing this, you can save a lot of money that you spend on wrapping your product. And by recycling the newspaper, you can clean your environment from the waste.

What do you get from this paper?

You can buy old newspapers of high quality from different online websites. But if you buy this service from us, you can get high-quality old newspapers because we have high expert people working day and night to provide you waste paper, copies of different newspapers, and scrap papers. The quality of our form is fully environmentally friendly. You can also use these in the recycled industry.

How can you get an Old news-paper?

If you want an old paper at reasonable rates for your private company, you can order us and benefit your company by saving a huge amount of money. So without any worry, request us for your product and get a high-quality product at reasonable rates. You can also buy old newspapers in bulks from us.


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