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soft tissue paper

Soft Tissue paper

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Item Code: 45-170-GSM
Our Tissue Paper is a very specialized product manufactured from 100% recycled waste paper. The standard brightness of our Recycled Tissue Paper is maintained at 80% ISO. It is mainly used for Napkin, Fancy wrapping & packing and Deep Coloring for Decorative papers. We stand in the midst of distinguished tissue paper manufacturers and suppliers based in the Netherlands.


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Soft Tissue paper

It is another high demanding product, which is specially designed according to the recycling demand of the users. you can easily recycle this paper up to 100% once used.
It is the quality of these soft tissue papers that it maintained its brightness up to 80% iso after using it. You can also use it for different purposes, as you can also use it as a napkin for fancy wrapping and packing purposes. You can also use it for other decoration purposes because of its beautiful dark color combination.
You can also use this tissue paper at your business place or for your houses because of its softness. It is a high-quality product tissue paper manufacturer specially designed for homes and restaurants because of its texture, which is very soft and smooth. All the users want these types of tissue paper for their everyday use. You can also buy from us because we are the best tissue paper suppliers in the world.
You can also use these tissue papers for different occasions like different feasts. It helps you make your dining table more colorful and attractive through its nice look.
With the facility of recycled, these are considered very reasonable because you can use them repeatedly. In this way, you can save a considerable amount of your currency.



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